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Bringing history to life for over 25 years.

The Glasgow Vikings are one of Scotland's oldest re-enactment groups. We pride ourselves on our skills both on and off the battlefield. We regularly train in a variety of weapons, from dagger to dane axe, spear to seax and most in between.

We also have a fully certified school visiting team.

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The Scotland based re-enactment group The Glasgow Vikings come mostly from in and around Glasgow though we have many members from further a field. We practice Combat using Dark Age weapons on a regular basis, we use a vast range of period weapons such as sword, axe, bearded axe, Dane axe, spear, dagger and scramaseax to name a few. The Glasgow Vikings re-enactment group are part of the international umbrella known as The Vikings and are currently the only re enactors in Scotland within this society (though we travel to Events all over the UK). We strive to portray an account of Viking life and Battles as accurately as possible. All our costumes and accoutrements have archaeological basis. The weapons we use are real and accurate but blunted for obvious reasons. Living History takes place in our village encampment populated with our re-enactors and Viking craftsmen. This allows many period crafts to be viewed such as weaving, woodturning on an authentic pole lathe, metalworking including chain mail production, jewellery casting from pewter and many more.

We are available for school visits as we have a specialist school visit team all of whom hold a current Disclosure Scotland forms and are able to bring Viking life into the classroom to aid Viking project work on the national curriculum. For fun or educational school visits for please don't hesitate to contact us.

(To hire us for your school or for further details our contact information is in the School Visits section of the main website.)

The group can also portray - the 9th century Picts who were an ethnic group in central and northern Scotland from Roman times until the 10th century. Most historians agree that around 839 a huge battle took place in which the Pictish king and his brother died while leading his men against the Vikings.